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    Dear Madam/Sir,

    We have the honor and pleasure to invite you to be part of the third edition of the International Conference and Exhibition Eco-Impuls 2014 which is going to be held on October 16 -17 2014, in Timisoara.

    This year’s topic “The future of public services” will gather specialists from the public services companies, important equipment and services suppliers, academic field and research institutions. Eco-Impuls is mainly focused on the water-wastewater and wastes field.

    The event is going to take place at the wastewater treatment plant in Timisoara, on Păstorilor Street n° 1. The organisers of the conference are: the Romanian-German Foundation Aquademica, Aquatim SA, the Romanian Water Association – the West Region Committee, the Politehnica University Timisoara.

    During the International Conference Eco-Impuls 2014 you will have the possibility to promote you company, products or services through live presentations, by hiring a space in our booth or in the poster section.

    The participation fee is 100 Euro or 440 lei/person and it includes lunches, coffee breaks, transportation to the wastewater treatment plant, information and promotional products.

    The booth fee is 900 Euro or 3.900 lei for two days and it includes an exhibition area of over 10 m² for each company, a table, four chairs and electricity supply. Furthermore, this tax covers the meals and coffee breaks for two persons, and also the advertising on the information and promotional products of Eco-Impuls 2014.

    Download registration form Eco-Impuls 2014.

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    Best regards,
    Eco-Impuls 2014 Organizers.