Citability of Papers

  • The materials presented at the conference will be published in the Aquademica  Journal,  in a dedicated issue.

    Along with other information materials, we will distribute the printed issue of the Aquademica Publication within the Conference days.

    We remind you that the magazine is addressed to specialists in public services, companies providing equipment and services, academia and research institutes and related areas such as management, human resources, marketing etc.

    The Aquademica Publication is going to be available in both printed and online version (ISSN 2457-5542; ISSN 2457-5402 L).

    To ensure the efficiency and a good collaboration, we would kindly ask you to follow the instructions of Template Revista Aquademica, in writing the articles.

    The items you will send for publication can be descriptions of case studies, best practice examples, experimental studies, theoretical researches, news etc.

    Authors are invited to submit articles for publication until  September 8th, 2017.

    For more details, please call or send an e-mail to, tel. +40 743 099 555.

    Revista Aquademica        

    Revista Aquademica 2015


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