• Conference opening

    Dipl. Ing. Hep Monatzeder, City of München.
    Dr. ing. Ilie Vlaicu,  General Manager of Aquatim SA.
    Dr. ing. Elena Savescu, President of the Board of Directors of Aquademica Foundation. She is also, the Manager of Wastewater Treatment Plant at Aquatim – the regional water and wastewater operator of the Timis County, Romania (more details).

    Plenary Session

    Prof. Anton Anton, n. 22. dec. 1949, Timisoara, Romania graduated Polytechnic Institute „Traian Vuia” in Timisoara (1972), as a Hydraulic Machineries engineer; Ph. D in 1987 Research on ferrofluids movement in the presence and absence of an external magnetic field; Full professor (since 1995), president of the Senate at Universitatea Tehnică de Construcţii Bucureşti; President of the National Agency for Scientific Research (2005-2008), Minister of Education, Research and Youth (2008). Main engineering of activity: ferrohydrodynamics, experimental hydraulics, hydraulic machineries, urban hydraulics and urban politics. Member of: ASTR (Technical Sciences Academy, Romania, 2006), EASA (European Academy of Science and Arts, 2004), ARA (Romanian Water association, 1996), IUFA (International Urban Fellows Association, 1977).


     Dipl. Ing. Peter Koestner, Department of Wastewater,  Department of International Cooperation, City of München, member of the Board of the Romanian-German Foundation Aquademica.